What is Small Wars: Mohicans?

Small Wars - Mohicans
Mohawk - Aulic Council Publishing - 1983

Mohicans is the first game of the Small Wars series.

Covering the French and Indian War of the mid-18th century, it is based on a popular 1983 Canadian boardgame called Mohawk, published by Aulic Council Publishing Co. in 1983.

The fate of North America lies in the hands of Native warriors!

The Seven Years War raged in Europe. Rival navies blocked regular reinforcements and supplies to the French and English American colonies. In those years for the last time, the Indian tribes could decide the fate of this land, as they excelled in the petty war that was prevalent in North America.

As one of the two rival colonial powers, you must wage desperate war on a thousand miles front. In a savage wilderness full of dangers, the small war tactics of your opponent may carry the day over your experienced European regulars that are unfit to this hostile environment. Beware not to falter, as the mighty Iroquois Confederacy will go over to the enemy and your fate will be sealed.

Win the small wars and ensure your dominance with SMALL WARS: MOHICANS.

Number of players: 2 – Lenght of a game: 60 to 90 minutes – Minimum age: 14+.


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Small Wars - Mohicans - Demo
Small Wars - Mohicans - Demo

Map of the game

Small Wars - Mohicans - Map


Small Wars - Mohicans - Counters
Small Wars - Mohicans - Counters
Small Wars - Mohicans - Counters
Small Wars - Mohicans - Counters

Units artworks – by Massi Del Bono

Indian units

British units

French units

Main Artwork – by David Pentland

Small Wars - Mohicans - Artwork

Box of the game

Small Wars - Mohicans - Box 3D

Logo of the game

Small Wars - Mohicans - Logo